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What are Bob-Tabs?

BOB Tablets are an All Natural Soil Probiotic specifically formulated for horticulture. BOB Tablets contain the beneficial bacteria and beneficial fungi found in healthy soils.
  • Produce Phytohormones – help plants grow bigger
  • Reverse Root Oxidation – older roots look younger, like a face lift for the old roots
  • Replace beneficial bacteria/fungi killed by chemicals
  • Degrade organic material – makes nutrients available to plants
  • Process nutrients – make nutrients more soluble and more mobile
  • Increase Moisture in soil around roots
  • Increase Root Mass– larger roots mean increased crop yield

BoB Tablets Effect on Plant and Soil Stressors.

BoB Tablets have proven to aid in the reduction of plant and soil stressors that restrain growth. Stressors kill off bacteria and nutrients that plants need to grow.
  • Salinity and Acidity
  • Temperature Fluctuations
  • Burndown (killing of bacteria and fungus)
  • Chemical Residue
Bacteria have a primary function in biological terms to induce growth through the process of breaking down organic matter and nutrients so that the plant roots can absorb them. Stressors destroy and kill off both bacteria and nutrients, denying those elements the crucial role of improving nutrient absorption and promoting growth. The other major limiting factor in crop yields is crop loss due to pests or disease. BoB Tablets greatly reduce plant vulnerability to pests and disease by providing significant boost in the plant’s natural immune defense.

Paenibacillus Polymyxa-Nitrogen Fixer – What it does?

Increases NO3 and organic nitrogen available in the soil and displaces denitrifying bacteria. Paenibacillus polymyxa bacterias are especially beneficial in poor soils with low presence of nitrogen or organic material. Unlike urea and compost, Paenibacillus will not evaporate, leak, or denitrify. The symbiotic relationship between root, soil and Paenibacillus maximizes absorption of nitrogen by the plant and releases enzymes that process nitrogen from the atmosphere. Unlike other nitrogen fixers, Paenibacillus does not form nodules; it remains external and thus works with all crops.

How to use Bob Tablets?

Using BoB Tablets is very easy. BoB Tablets self dissolve in un-chlorinated water, and the enhanced water is sprayed on the soil at planting, or watered directly into media, throughout the plant lifecycle. For soil drenches dissolve 1 Tablet in 40-50 gallons of un-chlorinated water, which can treat up to 1/8 acre of soil, or approximately 5,445 square feet. For foliar pest and mold prevention dissolve 1- BoB Tablet into up to 5-gallons of un-chlorinated water, and then spray on areas to be treated. Foliar applications should be applied in the early morning or evening, when plants are most receptive.

Why use Bob-Tabs?

Using BoB Tablets in your garden is the most effective and affordable way to provide beneficial naturally occurring soil microbes to your home garden. Let BoB Tablet’s Billions Of Bacterias and Fungi go to work for you and your soil or media today.

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